Here at the Christian Dental Fellowship, we seek to help and support any colleagues in the dental profession who wish to talk about the issues and challenges they are facing in their personal and professional lives, where we can, with friendship and sign-posting to professional services and groups.

We are not a counselling or professional listening service, however, we are happy to hear from you, encourage you, signpost where appropriate and pray when requested with you or for you. 

We also have a Prayer Team which is very happy to pray for specific prayer needs. We are happy to pray with you if you so wish; we can do that on the phone or pass your prayer needs down our prayer team, all with your consent. We believe in the power of prayer through the name of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to get in contact with the Pastoral Care or Prayer Team at the Christian Dental Fellowship, please contact us here.

At conference there are always opportunities to reconnect with God and with friends.  Along with a meditation room, where delegates can connect with Our Lord in a quiet space, you can listen to the Bible speakers for encouragement and discipling, and the lounge is a great place to chat over a cuppa with friends and share fellowship.

Outside of conference there are regional groups which meet in the spring, once again with good opportunities to get alongside a friendly face and dental colleagues.


Prayer for our profession

On the first Saturday of each month at 10am we hold a prayer meeting over the Internet using Zoom. Please use the contact us for more details.

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