CDF is an inter-denominational association of Christians working in dentistry.

Our aims are to

  • help equip dental students to have their faith kept central to the work they do (alongside churches and CUs) 
  • help students to show that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves

By joining you add strength to the voice CDF has in the dental profession and wider public sphere

You’ll receive the 3 in 1 magazine so you’ll be up to date with the wider CDF and will be better able to pray for their work

We can put you in touch with regional groups so you can meet in person with those nearby you

We can help you plan an overseas elective and support you when you go (practically, prayerfully and possibly financially). 

We know that training to work in the dental profession isn’t always easy, and that’s why Christian fellowship is so important during the ups and downs.

Drop us a line and introduce yourself – we might know some other Christians in your dental school.

Elective Funding

CDF Student members are welcome to apply for Elective Funding. Applications must be received by 15th March each year.

If you have any queries about the elective scheme then please email our administrator (Karen Silcox) who can put you in touch with the electives coordinator.


  • CMF Students – Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) has a number of resources which are also useful for dental students. Some resources will not be relevant to dental students but many are. The link to CMF electives resources can be found in their website.
  • UCCF

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